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Pre-Natal couch Pre-Natal couch
The perfect couch for the mum-to-be, enabling them to relax comfortably in a face down position during massage. we believe this is the best designed couch of its type anywhere in the world !
The Marshcouch Pre-natal couch is the result of extensive research & development with practitioners, their pregnant clients, nurse-midwives and teachers, to acheive a comfortable, rigid and lightweight multipurpose couch designed specifically for Pre-natal massage
Previously, the only couches specificaly designed for this purpose were supplied by a snmall handful of US based manufacturers, the couch designs hadn't changed much in years, thet were mostly cumbersome, expensive to buy and very heavy, making them unsuitable for transporting around and general massage work
The Marshcouch Pre-Natal couch is substantially lighter in weight, more competitively priced, transportable, suitable for general massage work, instantly adjustable & BRITISH MADE
£511.00  + VAT Pre-Natal couch details Buy Pre-Natal couch

Feldenkrais Couch Feldenkrais Couch
Feldenkrais Couch- Multiheight- 17-26" height range, on 4 instantly adjustable aluminium legs, cable supported, available in 2 widths, choice of colours, square or rounded corners- BRITISH MADE
(rounded corners version shown)
£326.00 + VAT Feldenkrais Couch details Buy Feldenkrais Couch

Alexander Technique Couch - aluminium Alexander Technique Couch - aluminium
Portable & Folding, Wider widths available in both fixed and adjustable models.
Widths between 28" -32" (71cm-81cm) Lengthj 72" (183cm)
Height; can be specified max ht 32" ( 81cm)
Firmer foam layers tailored specifically for Alexander Technique.
Light weight aluminium model. 4-leg cable braced for maximum lateral stability and strength combined with lightness
£288.00 + VAT Alexander Technique Couch - aluminium details Buy Alexander Technique Couch - aluminium

Alexander Technique - Multiheight couch Alexander Technique - Multiheight couch
Portable & Folding, Multiheight - fitted with four 25mm square aluminium legs, telescopic adjustments from 25" to 32" (63cm - 81cm) iin 8 x 1" (2.5cm) graduations.
25mm high density CMHR foam padding as standard.
Size: Length 72" (183cm)
Widths; 28"-32" (71cm -81cm)
Overall weight (at 28" wide) - 13.5 Kg approx
£326.00  + VAT Alexander Technique - Multiheight couch details Buy Alexander Technique - Multiheight couch

McTimoney Chiropractic Couch McTimoney Chiropractic Couch
Custom built to the unique shape required for the McTimoney Chiropractic. Four leg inverted cable suspension system gives unparalleled lateral stabilty, vital in a couch of this unorthodox shape
Overall length, width, taper and height can all be specified by the therapist.
Weight (22" wide )= 10kg
For more information on accessories please click here.
£270.00 + VAT McTimoney Chiropractic Couch details Buy McTimoney Chiropractic Couch

McTimoney Multiheight 2 McTimoney Multiheight 2
Advanced McTimoney design using 4 leg cable suspension with leg bracing to the centre of the couch, offering superior triangulation to the structure and resulting in excellent rigidity and stability. Simple easy to operate adjustment system gives a large range of adjustment from 17-25" in 1" graduations
£295.00  + VAT McTimoney Multiheight 2 details Buy McTimoney Multiheight 2

Craniosacral couch Craniosacral couch
Light weight Aluminium Couch, with end overhangs and optional lowered cross braces, specifically designed for the requirements of the craniosacral therapist
£232.00  Craniosacral couch details Preorder Craniosacral couch

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